Phase 3: Draft design

After the initial design phase, Maritime Projects outlines the initial contours of your project. We describe all your requirements in a brief specification. Our independence is important here, as this ensures that you receive honest and reliable advice. You can count on that!

3D design and engineering package

A fast and efficient 3D design of your project comes next, in which we immediately incorporate any modifications. This is your first impression of that beautiful vessel you had in mind. An expert engineering agency translates the 3D vessel design into an engineering package incorporating all of your requirements. This can include:

  • building specification
  • budget estimate
  • milestone planning
  • general checks on regulations
  • line plan
  • construction drawings
  • midship section and scale expansion
  • system diagrams
  • equipment list of major components
  • fire and safety equipment
  • division of compartments
  • drawings for equipment numbers, visibility and dimension plan
  • provisionally intact and damage stability booklet including length-strength calculations

Time and cost savings

If you want to save time and costs, take advantage of our expertise. Maritime Projects knows the classification requirements that the engineering package must meet and when certain information is needed for important decisions. The average Full Class Approval Engineering Package lead time is two to six months. You will receive thirty to fifty drawings and calculations before proceeding to the tender phase.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.