Maritime Projects creates Zero-emission hydrogen workboat

The Province of Overijssel will be the first province in the Netherlands to launch a ship powered entirely by hydrogen. It will replace an outdated diesel-powered ship that has reached the end of its lifespan. Maritime Projects created the initial design of the vessel.


This Zero-emission workboat will have a length of 20 meters and has a movable wheelhouse that can be adjusted to the height of the bridges. The launch of the hydrogen-powered ship is a significant step towards a more sustainable future, and the Province of Overijssel plans to have the ship in operation by 2024.


The decision to power the ship with hydrogen, rather than a hybrid solution of electric and diesel engines, was made due to its relatively high range of operation, allowing the ship to operate for two consecutive days. Furthermore, the use of hydrogen means that the battery pack can be made smaller and more efficient, making it a more practical and eco-friendly solution for the protected nature reserves such as the Weerribben, through which the ship passes. The launch of the new ship represents a significant milestone in the Province of Overijssel's commitment to a more sustainable future.



“We are thrilled to have been involved in the initial design of this vessel, which will play an important role in the management of the Overijssel waterways. The Province of Overijssel's investment in a hydrogen-powered vessel is part of a wider initiative to reduce carbon emissions across the region. The new ship is just one of several green solutions being explored, with plans to incorporate sustainable energy sources into other areas of the province's infrastructure,” said Erik van Prooijen, Managing Partner at Maritime Projects.


The search for a shipbuilder for the hydrogen-powered vessel has now begun, with the Province of Overijssel launching a European tender. The province hopes to award the contract in mid-July, and Maritime Projects wishes all parties involved the best of luck.


Renders by: Provincie Overijssel