AM 37

Maritime Projects to support Quintessence Yachts with the development of Aston Martin Powerboats

Maritime Projects is proud to announce that we have been contracted by Quintessence Yachts to support their concept- and product development for a period of 4-5 months. Quintessence Yachts is the exclusive holder of an Aston Martin License to produce the Aston Martin Powerboats. In 2016, they have launched their first product and worlds premiere of the AM37. This stunning high-performance day boat is all about arriving in style and having the ultimate day-out on the water. Since then the sales have been quite successful and they have now produced their 5th boat already.

The assignment that Maritime Projects was given, is to assist Quintessence Yachts with the continuous product development process for the AM37 and to start mapping out the process of developing new models. Besides this we will support the management in their change from a prototype organization into that of a sales- and (serial) production organization. Topics like standardization, quality monitoring, engineering to process optimization, etc. are all touched during this assignment. The major part of the assignment is physically executed in the United Kingdom, which provides us with the opportunity to learn the English culture better in terms of labor standards, rules and regulations.

We are grateful for the confidence Quintessence Yachts has granted us and we are looking forward to a successful execution of this assignment.