Phase 1: Market exploration

You want to know all the options for your new vessel project and want a complete picture, tailored to your personal requirements. Maritime Projects is your partner. Our project manager conducts product and market research, using available reports to provide you with the information you need. We operate in a network of professionals. This means you’re always kept up to date about the different markets and the latest technical developments. If product or market research has already been implemented, we would be delighted to validate the results for you.

Regulations and guidelines

It’s not only market demand that’s important, you need to consider regulatory freedoms and boundaries too. This includes length, power, volume, number of passengers and vessel safety. Depending on your requirements, we can also incorporate ‘green technology’, including LNG, hydrogen, hybrid technology and emission control. Everything is arranged perfectly for you.

Informed estimates

We produce a realistic prognosis of fuel consumption, battery charge acceptance, stability and loading and unloading time. Our network of designers, universities and research institutes translates this rough estimate into an informed calculation; figures that are essential input for the feasibility study. Our final report helps you make your go/no go decision. In the event of a go, we continue with the initial design.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.