Phase 4: Tender

We use the draft design and detailed engineering package to start the tender procedure. We fully understand what the tender package needs to contain if shipyards are to produce a sound and binding quotation.

Tender process

We represent you during the tender process. We use the defined product, budget, planning and your geographic location to provide you with an overview of shipyards that can build your vessel. We then present these to you for approval. You select between six and ten shipyards from this overview and we send the RFQs. Our clear documentation ensures that quotations are transparent and easy to compare. It simply works!

Shipyard selection

Maritime Projects compares the quotations and the additional documentation and presents the results in a report. Together with you, we select four to five potential shipyards, which we then visit together. We report the shipyard conditions at quality level, HSE requirements and financial status and instruct them on the final round of the tender process. We then select the most appropriate shipyard and conduct the final negotiations. The build monitoring of your vessel then follows.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.